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We can now offer a Full Lift & Side Lift Ottoman Divan Beds.


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Help on choosing the best mattress for you

Overall the real key is making sure the mattress you choose is going to support you correctly. A good mattress is key to getting a good nights sleep and sleep is just as important to your physical and mental health than diet and exercise.

We at The Bedder Place have years of experience and want you to make the best possible decision for your needs. If you have any further questions about the information given or any of our products, please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer your questions and make sure you are on your way to a great nights sleep.

Open Coil Mattresses

These are all effectively mass produced spring systems which are linked together across the length and width of the mattress. Because of the manufacturing method, these are capable of being produced in large quantities at low cost and represent the type of spring system found in mattresses at the start to middle end of the market. These are a great inexpensive mattresses for kids, and for adults in the short-term.

There have been improvements over the last few years and foam/gel/latex is now available in open coil mattresses. This helps to improve the support and quality of sleep as it helps to relieve pressure point and will last longer than natural fillings and will include other health benefits provided by foams/gels/latex  (more details on foams/gels/latex below).


Pocket Sprung Mattresses

The key difference with a pocket sprung mattress is that the springs are not linked to each other. This allows them to move individually to support your body’s contours in its natural position. It also stops you from feeling your partners movement and eliminates the ‘roll together’ feeling.

The manufacturing method for this type of mattress is more labour intensive and usually incorporates a largely hand made process. Pocket Sprung mattresses occupy the middle to high-end sector of the market, however they are far more affordable these days. Also they typically last longer than open coil therefore the slightly higher investment in this quality of mattress initially is rewarded by not having to replace your mattress as often, therefore saving yourself money in the long run.

Pocket sprung mattresses can also now be found widely with foam/gel/latex fillings rather than the traditional cotton, wool, polyester or other fibrous substitutes. This is a Hybrid of the two most beneficial and popular mattress types. The two work extremely well together, complimenting each others characteristics. Whilst the pocket springs move to the contours of your body, the foams/gels/latex works with it to both support you in a perfectly natural position, as well as relieving your pressure points (more details on foams/gels/latex below).


Foams/Gels/Latex Mattresses


If the more traditional support is not your preferred sleeping option then there are several memory foam options available. These will typically provide you with a fantastic support and longer life than a traditional mattress, but do have a very different feel to a sprung cored mattress, so we recommend trying one before you buy.

Memory Foam is a heat responsive material that responds to your bodies heat and pressure being applied to it. Being a foam rather than a solid structure like a spring, it is able to adjust more accurately to the contours of your body to give you a fantastic support as well as relieving pressure points. By removing pressure from your skin surface it allows your body to enter a much deeper sleep cycle so you wake feeling much more refreshed and rejuvenated.

The one dis-advantage to an all memory foam mattress, is it will have a reflex foam core/base. This material does not allow heat to pass through it as easily as the memory foam itself and can become very hot. Some people prefer a warm sleeping environment, but it is not for everyone. If you prefer a cooler sleeping temperature then we would suggest looking at one of our Gel or Latex  mattresses. This will still give you many of the the advantages of memory foam,.


See Below some of the Mattresses & Divan Sets we can offer.


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Economy - Open Coil
A non quilted bed in stitchbond faric with 13.5 gauge unit inculdes a combination of fillings Mattress Only - 3FT - £39       4FT/4FT6  -  £59                 ..
Ex Tax: £75.00
Deluxe Budget - Open Coil
Designed as a starter bed, non quilt 13.5 gauge unit includes a mixed fillings to provide ideal support for growing youngsters in a damask fabric with 7 to 8 inch deep mattress. Mattress Only 3FT - £75 4FT/4FT6 - £89 ..
Ex Tax: £99.00
Candy - Open Coil
It is an attractive starter bed with 13.5 G open coil springs which offers good support and comfort The mattress is 7 to 8 inch deep covered in damask fabric. ..
Ex Tax: £119.00
Kiddi Blue - Open Coil
Designed for the younger generation, with a light quilted stitch bond fabric.13.5 gauge open coil spring and with a combination of fillings for support and comfort. The mattress is 7 to 8 inch deep. Mattress Only 3FT - £89 4FT/4FT6 - £139 ..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Kiddi Pink - Open Coil
Designed for the younger generation, with a light quilted stitch bond fabric.13.5 gauge open coil spring and with a combination of fillings for support and comfort. The mattress is 7 to 8 inch deep. Mattress Only 3FT - £89 4FT/4FT6 - £139 ..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Reo - Open Coil
Designed to suit all ages, with a deep quilted 13.5 gauge unit and a combination of filling and bonded fibre covered in damask fabric. The mattress is 8 to 9 inch deep Mattress Only 3FT - £79 4FT/4FT6 - £99 ..
Ex Tax: £139.00
Celina - Open Coil
This divan set features a hand tufted coil sprung mattress with a luxurious damask fabric and sumptuous polyester fillings. • 13.5 gauge unit • Quality damask fabric • Hand tufted The Celina Coil Sprung Divan Set features a high quality quilted mattress with 13.5 gauge springs encased in a 6 gauge frame to give a stability of comfort that is second to none. With the added bonus of the underbed drawer options, this divan bed is as comfortable as it is practical. Item: Divan set on..
Ex Tax: £159.00
Jasmine Summer & Winter - Open Coil
Mattress Only 3FT -  £119 4FT/4FT6 - £179 5FT - £209 Features a hand tufted coil sprung mattress with a luxurious damask fabric and sumptuous polyester fillings. • 13.5 gauge unit • Quality damask fabric • Hand tufted The Vogue Repose Jasmine Coil Sprung Divan Set features a high quality quilted mattress with 13.5 gauge springs encased in a 6 gauge frame to give a stability of comfort that is second to none. The mattress has Summer and Winter sides, so you can change i..
Ex Tax: £189.00
Memory Open - Open Coil with Memory Foam
Mattress Only 3FT -  £159 4FT/4FT6 - £199 5FT - £259 Incorporating carefully balanced layer of memory foam and bonded fibre, elegantly tufted together for comfort. Supported by a 13.5 gauge unit and covered in a high quality soft touch soft touch knitted fabric. ..
Ex Tax: £199.00
Super Ortho - Orthopaedic Sprung
Designed to provide a good degree of support, this bed comprises a deep quilted 12.5 gauge Orthopaedic spring unit with layers of firm fillings and bonded fibre, covered in a modern damask coveR with 9 to 10 inch deep mattress. Mattress Only 3FT - £109 4FT/4FT6 - £149 5FT - £199 ..
Ex Tax: £199.00
Galaxy - Orthopaedic Sprung
Offering the benefits of firmness combined with a relaxing sleep surface, multi layers of luxurious fillings are jump and tack quilted together, supported by a 12.5 gauge unit covered in a high quality modern design damask with 9 to 10 inch deep mattress. ..
Ex Tax: £209.00
Latex Paedic - Open Coil with Latex
A high quality coil sprung and latex divan set which is available in a range of sizes. • Open coil spring unit • Latex and polyester fillings • Quality soft knit natural touch fabric • Hand tufted • No turn Vogue Latex Paedic Coil Sprung Divan Set consists of a natural layer of talalay latex foam on a firm open coil spring unit. With its unique feel and quality, talalay latex is considered the best latex in the world. It keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and i..
Ex Tax: £209.00
Lyon - Orthopaedic with Memory Foam
For those who prefer a medium firm feel, the Lyon is obvious selection having an orthopaedic spring unit. It is upholstered in a soft touch fabric with layers of supportive filling including memory foam. • Orthopaedic spring unit • Soft touch brown design fabric • 9 to 10 inch deep mattress • Sumptuous layers of memory foam and mixed fibres • Vertical border ..
Ex Tax: £279.00
Premium Gold - Orthopaedic Sprung
Mattress Only 3FT -  £189 4FT/4FT6 - £229 5FT - £289 Offering the benefits of a firm sleep system this mattress has been designed using layers of carefully balanced firm fillings. It is hand tufted together and supported by a 12.5 gauge unit • Orthopaedic spring unit • Soft touch damask fabric • Traditionally tufted • Generous supportive fillings • 9 to 10 inch deep mattress • Vertical border ..
Ex Tax: £279.00
Fragrance Active - Orthopaedic with Memory Foam
One of the nature’s most beautiful fragrances is now in your mattress ticking: Ylang Ylang. If you are looking to get rid of stress as well as relaxation during sleep, the best way to start the day off is waking up to the pleasant fragrance of Ylang Ylang. It is known as the flower of all flowers in south East Asia, brings an exotic and tranquilizing fragrance is now in your mattress. Fragrances active is an orthopaedic firm mattress covered in soft touch fabric with luxury supportive filling&nb..
Ex Tax: £299.00
Full End or Side Lift Ottoman Divan Base Only
Single-£299   Small Double-£399   Double-£399   King-£469   Superking-£649 Full Lift Ottoman Divan Base(Side Lift or Front Lift)  Loads of Different Colours and Fabrics to choose from! A great range of Headboards also available to complement any bedroom decor!   ..
Ex Tax: £299.00
Memory Orthopaedic - Orthopaedic Sprung with Memory Foam
Memory Orthopaedic mattress is been made with firmness and comfort in mind. It has 12.5 gauge orthopaedic spring unit with luxurious fillings of memory foam for superior comfort. The mattress is 10 to 11 inch deep coveredThe mattress is covered in soft touch fabric with brown suede border & base. ..
Ex Tax: £299.00
Cashmere - Pocket Sprung with Wool
A striking designed firm yet comfortable bed having an orthopaedic spring unit with generous mixed fibre fillings including memory foam giving an overall contemporary look and feel. • Orthopaedic spring unit • Soft touch fabric • Supportive fillings of memory foam • No - turn with 10 to 11 inch deep mattress • Three base option: standard platform, Wooden legs or Chrome legs ..
Ex Tax: £309.00
Elite Orthopaedic - Orthopaedic Sprung
Incorporating multi-layers of polyester and reflex blue foam which are micro quilted together and supported by a 12.5 gauge unit, covered in a cool touch fabric providing comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. • Orthopaedic spring unit • Cool touch fabric • Firm filling with 2 inch reflex blue foam • 9 to 10 inch deep mattress • Micro quilted top, border and base ..
Ex Tax: £319.00
Tranquility 1000 - Pocket Sprung
Relax in style and comfort with the Tranquillity 1000 Natural Touch Pocket Spring Mattress thanks to its generous layers of luxurious wool and polyester, which provides additional cushioning for a perfect and supportive night’s sleep. 1000 individually wrapped Pocket Springs encapsulated in sumptuous foam provides excellent spinal support as well as preventing aches and pains for a truly supportive sleeping surface. The Tranquility Natural Touch Mattress is great for sharing couples as it ..
Ex Tax: £329.00
Bamboo Orthopaedic - Orthopaedic Sprung with Memory Foam
A very natural option for health and comfort in sleep. Bamboo fibre which is regenerated cellulosic fibre is ascertained from bamboo pulp. Due to its raw material, it has a light texture as well as being natural anti bacterial. This mattress ticking absorbs moisture and dries quickly thus help the body breathe. Being hypo- allergenic, Bamboo mattress ticking keeps its comfort even after many years. Bamboo comes in orthopaedic firm mattress, upholstered with layers of high quality fillings. ..
Ex Tax: £339.00
Aloe Vera - Pocket Sprung with Memory Foam
    Alovera has properties of been natural softening, antibacterial and eco friendly which help in aid of regenerating new skin growth. It’s a new formula to improve sleep standards. Alovera offers a deep relaxing and healthy sleep. This is also a solution for hectic daily life stress as a well as fatigue. The Alovera mattress comes with 1000 individually nested pocket springs in luxury knitted fabric with layers of high quality fillings.  • 1000 Pocket spring cou..
Ex Tax: £349.00
Pocket Supreme - Pocket Sprung with Memory Foam
This Superbly hand crafted divan set is worthy of a place in any master bedroom. Containing various spring counts from 1000 to 2000 pocket springs, this mattress is upholstered with high quality luxurious fillings. It is topped with blended layers of elegantly soft silk and wool fillings overlaid with memory foam to give you the ultimate comfort. A superior quality soft fabric has been used to finish the mattress that provides exquisite luxury. The Woollen tufts and three rows of side stitching ..
Ex Tax: £409.00
Organic Cotton 2000 - Pocket Sprung with Memory Foam
ORGANIC COTTON   Organic Cotton Mattress The Organic cotton mattress gives you and your family peace of mind. It has a non toxic, healthy and comfortable mattress that uses both natural fabric as well as luxurious memory foam covering 2000 individually nested pocket springs for maximum comfort and support. Sleeping on natural fibres helps ensure that at least a third of our lives are spent without contact to hazardous substances. 2000 INDIVIDUALLY NESTED POCKET SPRING..
Ex Tax: £419.00
Emerald 1000 - Pocket Sprung
Ensuring edge to edge support, the emerald mattress is constructed using a soft knitted cover boxed around 1000 pocket springs. The pocket springs move individually to give independent support and ensure no ‘roll together’ when sharing a bed. 1000 POCKET SPRINGS EDGE TO EDGE SUPPORT 3D BORDER WITH HANDLES & VENTS WIDE CHOICE OF FABRIC FOR THE DIVAN FROM OUR MIST RANGE FIRMNESS RATING 9/10 ..
Ex Tax: £429.00
Diamond Laytec 1000 - Pocket Sprung with Laytec
The Tender Sleep Diamond Mattress is a top of the range encapsulated pocket sprung mattress with body contouring LAYTEC FOAM. It is Supported by 1000 individually nested pocket springs with an edge to edge support system. The soft feel natural top fabric provides a refreshing sleep. The soft cover is sculpture quilted for a more cushioned feel. This mattress will give a truly comfortable night’s sleep. FOAM ENCAPSULATED LAYTEC FOAM EDGE TO EDGE SUPPORT NON TURN (ROTATING END TO..
Ex Tax: £449.00
Serene Milky 2000 - Pocket Sprung with Memory Foam
The Serene offers the best of both worlds! Relax and enjoy the wonderful combination of 1000 individually pocketed springs with a sumptuous layer of memory foam. Our top of the range model has an option of 1000 or 2000 individual pocket springs which work independently to react to your body's movement and weight. It offers an amazing night's sleep. The mattress has the finest upholstered layers of memory foam and mixed fibre to ensure a substantial and supportive yet elegant feel. With its cosy ..
Ex Tax: £469.00
Topaz LayGel 1000 - Pocket Sprung with Gel
The Topaz is an encapsulated pocket sprung mattress the makes it ideal for those who sleep in a variety of positions. The Topaz mattress has a 3cm layer of Laygel with edge to edge support with a central Pocket Spring System. The Laygel layer provides optimum aeration and thermoregulation due to its open cell structure whilst being able to adapt to your body shape and temperature. 1000 POCKET SPRINGS LAYGEL FOAM EDGE TO EDGE SUPPORT FIRMNESS RATING 6/10 BASES AVAILABLE ACROSS THE..
Ex Tax: £539.00
Electric Pocket Bed - with or without Memory Foam
Many people need to sleep in a sitting up posture or with their legs raised because of circulatory or other health problems. Some people like the sheer luxury of being able to adjust their beds at the touch of a button to sit up in bed to watch television or read a book or take breakfast in bed. Whatever the reason, our adjustable beds provide the option of sleeping in a range of comfortable positions. Available as two specifications- pocket springs or memory comfort- these single beds can be li..
Ex Tax: £799.00
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